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New Album - Field of Nothing

2015-05-20 12:46:49 by Linktrx

Out of two years of nothing comes something. Hope you all enjoy, it's totally free... unless you wanna be nice and pay because I would totally appreciate it.

"Two years in the making, this album saw a deep bout a writers block that finally ended as I walked out of college. Essentially the last piece of my adolescence, the album contemplates a number of themes ranging from depression, denial and short sighted love."

Check it out here.



2012-09-26 09:44:07 by Linktrx

Hey just an update for anyone whose listening. I making a lot of progress on my new album wanderer that ive been putting together. You've seen the songs so far and i have gotten some good feedback. As i come closer to finishing it i might consider putting up for sale on bandcamp if theres any interest. In the meantime i really do appreciate all the comments and support :D

Also if your interested

Facebook: 273247643



Im selling out!

2012-06-05 10:39:51 by Linktrx

Well not really but kind of... Ill let you guys decide but ive posted an album of what i believe to be some of my best work over my first years writing, playing and recording on bandcamp for sale (The songs are also individually for sale). If you guys are interested you might consider supporting me so that i can continue to improve the quality of my compositions (and also afford the habit itself) You guys have always been very supportive and helpful to me since ive been on here and im so thankful for that!

Its been awhile...

2012-04-25 07:04:35 by Linktrx

Since I've posted here, but seeing as its been a year since i last made a post, i thought id give you all an update! Im in college now and very busy haha theres a lot of different stuff I'm doing on campus and i havnt had too much time to record and post but as the summer draws near I'm hoping that will all pick up again. Ive recently started a band with some friends called the Snipes which I'm sure you will hear sometime in future, for now though you'll be getting the classic little bits from me.
Anyway, i wanna thank you guys and Newgrounds for listening i really appreciate it!

A little late new years post

2011-01-19 09:20:36 by Linktrx

So its another new year and i have just hit the mark for 4 years of songwriting. All off the feed back you guys have given me has been great and it has helped me improve so much!

I have released a couple new songs this new year for you to enjoy. Check them out and and review please! It would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you didnt already know im on facebook and i recntly boosted up my soundcloud so please do check them out and like/subscribe!

Happy New Year and thanks for everything Newgrounds!

Good to be here

2010-06-09 12:13:32 by Linktrx

Its good to finally be on Newgrounds after years of being a visitor. I am mainly a guitarist (you don't wanna see my flash work) and i have been writing now for 4 years so the stuff you see here will, as of right now, be a random selection of those materials.